Dec 10 2013

Money Problems: Do New Canadian Bills Crack In The Cold?

With temperatures recently in the -30s, the last thing most Canadians worried about was their money freezing – not a frozen bank account but rather the new polymer bills.

A photo (seen below) which originated from Calgary, Alberta surfaced online showing a new $20 bill which had allegedly cracked in the cold. Journalists at the Globe & Mail challenged the allegations by putting a $20 polymer bill in a freezer which produces -20 temperatures for 15 minutes. When retrieved, the bill remained completely intact.

“Your new polymer notes can withstand Canada’s hottest summers and coldest winters,” stated the Bank Of Canada, brushing off claims that bills can either freeze or melt (as reported earlier this year) as “merely an urban myth.”

Photo Credit: Imgur via Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Imgur via Huffington Post


(Written by: N. Reitmayer; Original information source: Huffington Post